(from Orcas Everywhere by Mark Leiren-YoungOrca Publishing, 2018)

SeaWorld San Diego April 12, 2016 Photo courtesy of Anonymous (notice missing/filed teeth)

Excerpts from Orcapedia published with permission — to buy the book AND support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society visit: https://bookpubco.com/content/orcapedia Skaana’s interview with Paul Watson about Orcapedia is coming soon to www.skaana.org. And here’s our conversation with him from before the world shut down.

Bright Green Lies — The Movie — Premiering Everywhere on Earth Day

Speeding to Extinction in Low Emission Vehicles

mark leiren-young

Whale writer. Author: The Killer Whale Who Changed the World & Orcas Everywhere. Director: The Hundred-Year-Old Whale. Host: Skaana podcast.

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